Assistive Learning

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Access to 3 classes, 5000+ videos, 1 million+ questions, tests, reports

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Doubt Resolution

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All features of Assistive Learning + 24/7 Unlimited Doubt Clearance

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Smart Tuitions

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All features of Doubt Resolution (24x7) + Your Own Personal Tutor

Specialist teachers for different subjects available on request

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Assistive Learning

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1 Year

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Assistive Learning

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15 days of unlimited doubt clearance


Assistive Learning Doubt Resolution Smart Tuitions
Library Feature
Access to Mathematics, English, Computer Science, Science (Chemistry,Biology,Physics) & Social Studies (History,Civics,Geography) syllabus: Hassle free learning
Access to the entire syllabus of lower classes: Quick revision of concepts
Access to the entire syllabus of higher classes: Learn and explore advanced concepts
Video Lectures
Highly Engaging Lectures: Even learning can be addictive! 5000+ 5000+ 5000+
Dual Camera Mode: Watch the video with/without the teacher
i-Dictionary: Intelligent dictionary of concepts for quick revision of the basics or to explore higher concepts
Interactive Video Technology tests the student on the go and customizes the lectures: Learn in your own style
*Videos for Computer Science are currently not available. Some videos for Social Studies may not be available.
Comprehensive Question Bank: The same question is never repeated again 1 million+ 1 million+ 1 million+
Adaptive Practice Modules: An intelligent system which paces the child
Instant corrections: No need to wait for the teacher to return the corrections
In-depth, logical solutions with focus on how to approach the problem: 80% students have shown improvement in understanding as compared to standard textbooks
Multiple approaches to solve a mathematical problem: Promotes lateral thinking and enhances through process
Similar question after getting one incorrect: Significant improvement in retention of the just learnt concept
Step by step guidance in form of hints: Ensures immediate help to the student and provides insight into understanding
Timed Tests: Be exam ready Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Instant scores and answers: No need to wait for the teacher to give back the answer sheets
In-depth, logical solutions with focus on how to approach the problem: 80% students have shown improvement in understanding as compared to standard textbooks
Multiple approaches to solve a mathematical problem: Promotes lateral thinking and enhances through process
In-depth test analysis with recommendations: Analyze your strong and weak areas to improve your performance
Test Generator
Create unlimited customised tests as per topics of your choice
In-depth performance analysis: From time spent on different activities to the list of questions attempted, get all your data at one place
Actionable Feedback: Suggestions based on scientific data to improve performance
SMS/Email updates: Stay updated on your child's performance
Doubt Resolution Mechanisms
Round the clock doubt resolution: Get all academic doubts (including school work) resolved typically within 2 hours (guaranteed response within 24 hours) First 15 days with annual subscription
Olympiads and Competitive Exams
Master the concepts of Maths and Science to excel in all competitive exams
Smart Tuitions
One to one online classes conducted by highly trained & qualified teachers (home tuitions available in select cities)
Specialized teachers for different subjects ensuring that your child learns from the best
System oriented teaching: Lesson planning and tracking by our central team of experts ensuring that it's not a one man show
Round the clock support and monitoring
Other amazing features
Games: Learning made fun through educational games mapped to the student's syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a free trial of the paid features? All users are provided with a 7 day free trial of all the features in the Smart Tuitions pack. The 7 day trial starts from the date of first login.

2. Can I access my account from any device? Yes, you can access your account from any computing device, i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection and an internet browser.

3. Can I buy only some of the features or all the features for only 1 topic? All topics and features are inter-connected and our research has shown that continous usage of these features across all lessons leads to considerable improvement in the student's performance. Hence, all features have been bundled together.

4. I am in the middle of the year, why should I buy an annual subscription? An annual subscription lock the price that you are paying for an entire year. Once your child finishes with the current academic year, you can upgrade the Library to the higher class.

5. Would I need to pay extra to access new content that you would be updating for my child's library? No, all new content related to your account would be available to you. However, any new feature update may not be covered in the Assistive Learning plan.

Refund Policy

No refund is provided once a subscription is bought and activated. Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time. In case of a monthly subscription cancellation, no refund will be made for the current active month.